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A high level of fine particulate matter, CO2 emissions, noise; in general a polluted area What is the impact on our health and what is the impact on birds and other animal species?  What is the general opinion on safety, social cohesion and possibilities to meet each other at the Stadhouderskade? The Green Mile will conduct research, measurements and monitoring to assess and improve livability.

The Green Mile as an experimental ground!

Currently, we are measuring air quality and sound at two locations on Stadhouderskade. This data will enable us to analyze the impact of introducing a 30km/h zone on these two parameters. Will air quality improve, and what does this mean for livability?

Eventually, we aim to examine the effects of greening on mitigating heat stress and how initiatives like a pedestrian boulevard contribute to social cohesion and interaction.

Below, you can see a live registration of the sound level. For more information and additional data, please visit our dashboard page via this link.

What has been written in the media about air quality?

Here you can see the map of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exceedances. You can find air quality measurements for Stadhouderskade on the Luchtmeetnet website.

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What makes the street healthier?
Trees, plants: nature!


Elms and plane trees, the street is generously adorned with them! Essential for all life on Earth. Trees purify the air, retain water, provide cooling, and capture fine particulate matter.

Did you know that at least 77 different insects live on the elm tree alone? So, trees also provide a home for them, birds, and other species. And we haven't even mentioned the underground life yet! Beneath our feet, there is an entire network of microorganisms, fungi, and much more.

To top it all off, there are monumental trees in the Carel Willinkplantsoen (Mammoth tree dating back to 1962) and in the Leidsebosje (plane trees dating back to 1860). More than 150 years old!

Be sure to check out "Bomen in kaart" (Trees on the Map).

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