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The Green Mile is an initiative of six companies located on and around the Stadhouderskade. In 2020, they came together with a shared desire to make the street more livable and decided to address this need through The Green Mile.

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UNStudio is an international architectural firm with its headquarters at Stadhouderskade 113 - 115 and offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Dubai, and Melbourne. With a team of over 300 professionals, they engage in designing large urban plans, new construction projects, transformations, mobility solutions, and interior designs. UNStudio designs with the future in mind, creating projects that aim to make our lives healthier, have minimal impact on the planet, yet leave a lasting impact on cities and people.


Blendingbricks specializes in creating healthy living environments for humans, plants, and animals in real estate and public spaces. As a creative concept developer and transition consultant, we provide advice and guidance to organizations transitioning toward ecological living environments where the ecosystem takes center stage. Through creative ideas, inspiring ambitions, visions, and recommendations, we aim to create positive impact for all life on this planet. In this way, we generate ecological, social, and economic value.

Image by Frans Ruiter

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum offers visitors a unique and inspiring experience. This experience doesn't end at the museum's doors or the fence around the garden. A pleasant environment and a healthy city contribute to this experience.

The Rijksmuseum is among the most sustainable museums in the world. The gardens surrounding the museum play a crucial role in the city's ecology. Native plants contribute to the local flora and fauna, and adjustments are made to provide more opportunities for endangered species, including a pair of peregrine falcons that have taken up residence in our clock tower. Educational programs and school gardens in the Rijksmuseum garden enhance children's awareness of nature.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is an educational institution with a diverse range of offerings in education and research. With the slogan 'Creating Tomorrow Together,' HvA aims to connect today with tomorrow by actively contributing to the resolution of urban challenges. The university inspires students to work towards the future with creative solutions and sustainable innovations, collaborating with businesses, institutions, and residents in the Amsterdam region. The challenge of the Green Mile aligns seamlessly with this ambition.

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Heineken operates in more than 190 countries but maintains an inseparable connection with Amsterdam as its place of origin. The company's headquarters and the former brewery, now known as the Heineken Experience, are still located on and around the Stadhouderskade. Social responsibility and sustainability are deeply ingrained in the organization's DNA. Founder Gerard Adriaan Heineken was already closely tied to the social and economic development of the city during his time.

De Nederlandsche Bank

At the heart of society, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is committed to contributing to a more beautiful Amsterdam. Through the renovation of its building, DNB aims to give back to and enhance the city, its surroundings, and collaboration with partners. By connecting the Frederiksplein to DNB's inner garden, an additional green space is created, providing a new pleasant area along the Amsterdam Singelgracht, which directly contributes to a healthier, greener, and more sustainable environment.

In its pursuit of sustainable prosperity, DNB sees sustainable investments as a societal duty. The organization aims to concretely embody this commitment in its work. Initiatives like the Green Mile underscore the importance of collaboration. All involved parties, both public and private, are dedicated to making a lasting impact with the Green Mile for the long term.

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