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A livable Stadhouderskade for people, plants & animals

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   From the most polluted and unhealthy street to a sustainably green, beautiful,  clean and inclusive street, that is The Green Mile. 

It is busy on the Stadhouderskade. This street now mainly facilitates (parked) cars, trucks, scooters and cyclists to get from A to B as quickly as possible. But what would it be like if this traffic artery transformed into a pleasant living environment for every resident of the city? A place to walk along the water, where there is room for nature and to meet each other. The Green Mile Foundation realizes physical interventions, knowledge activities, research and events to realize this ambition. 

What is The Green Mile

A positive movement

The Green Mile is a positive movement that aims to create a livable Stadhouderskade for humans, plants, and animals through co-creation with residents, organizations, businesses, and the Amsterdam municipality. Because it is TOGETHER that we can make a positive impact

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Sustainable quality of life 

A group of six companies on and around the Stadhouderskade shared the intrinsic desire to improve the living environment and committed themselves to this cause. UNStudio, Blendingbricks, De Nederlandsche Bank, Rijksmuseum, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and Heineken initiated and formulated the ambition for "The Green Mile": a sustainably livable, green, healthy, and future-proof street for humans, plants, and animals. Read the entire ambition here.

Together with residents, organizations, businesses, and the Municipality of Amsterdam, we are shaping this vision through co-creation, creating a positive "movement" and ultimately a Green Mile. Because only together can we make a positive impact.

Unhealthy and polluted 

The Stadhouderskade has been the most polluted and unhealthy street in Amsterdam for quite some time. Fine dust, noise, and danger are prevalent here.

Nevertheless, the Stadhouderskade has great potential to become a nicer place. There are already beautiful trees, it is situated along the water, is wide, connects many side streets to small parks, and hosts numerous beautiful organizations along the road and in the vicinity.

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Our three pillars

Nature & 

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Awareness & education

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Community & participation

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Where are we active?

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