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From knowledge-sharing meetings to participation in the Tulp Festival, from enhancing the flora and fauna at Carel Willinkplantsoen to conducting research by students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we engage in a wide range of activities and projects.

Activities and projects 2023-2024

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On Friday, September 15, we participate in World Clean-up Day. That is officially a day later, but we are rolling up our sleeves on Friday, September 15. Together with Plastic Whale and De Schone Pijp, we will be working both on water and on land. Who? Companies, partners, residents and other interested parties. Are you participating? Nice! Then registerhereon. 

14 mei 2024 @10 uur
inplanten bloementuin 


The Carel Willinkplantsoen is set to receive a "nature upgrade" with a native wildflower garden and an insect hotel. Additionally, the hedges around the wall will be widened and planted where they are currently missing. The distribution house located on the quay will be made nature-inclusive, with features such as bat nesting boxes. We are collaborating on this project with partners like Groen Gemaal and the municipality.

Natural quay wall

Inspiratie sessie vergroening The Green Mile.jpg

Regen, wind, droogte en nog meer regen. Het weer veranderd en dat is te merken. Wat gebeurt er allemaal in de stad, op de Stadhouderskade en hoe kun je op het weer voorbereid zijn met je tuin, balkon, gevel of met de buurt? Kom naar onze inspiratie sessie in samenwerking met Het Groene Loket, Weerproof en Natuur&Milieuteam Zuid om alles te leren over vergroening en direct aan de slag te kunnen! 

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