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Then, Now & soon

In the past, there was plenty of space, but now it's overcrowded. Fortunately, there are many developments planned for the coming years! As you can see in the image next to this text, an impression of the first promenade is planned to be realized in 2024-2025. At the location of Stadhouderskade 47-67, all parking spaces will be removed to make way for pedestrians and flora and fauna. You can read more about this on the municipality's website.

Green belt and history

In the 17th century, the Stadhouderskade was part of the defense works and formed a green belt on the outside of the city. Here people strolled and met. The historic images clearly show how much space there was and inspire The Green Mile in its ideas. 

Amsterdam 1538 Cornelis Anthoniszoon.jpeg
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