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Insect hotel installed

On June 16, an insect hotel was placed in the Carel Willinkplantsoen. Kees and Marieke van Groen Gemaal were also there to observe and help. Why an insect hotel? To give the animals a place to spend the night, hibernate and stay. This hotel is suitable for all kinds of insects, such as ladybugs, lacewings, all kinds of solitary bees (not honey bees, because they live in groups) and butterflies.

The hotel faces south-west, so that the animals stay nice and warm.

What can you do yourself? You can make or buy an insect hotel yourself from leftover material and you can keep areas in your garden nice and messy. Be sure to leave the leaves that fall in autumn (certainly until April), because all kinds of insects also live below them. They hibernate in the winter under the leaves and in the sand and soil. You can also leave bits of wood and branches behind, the messier the better. Some of the insects like to retreat to such a hotel, but a large number also use the earth to hibernate.

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